Influencer marketing business idea


Jan 5, 2024

I have stumbled across an incredible business oppurtunity in the influencer marketing space. I don't actually want to build this business, but what I am building is actually a critical part of scaling.

I am looking for someone to start this business.

Basic market facts

  1. Cookies are being phased out, so marketing through influencers will explode. There’s really no good way to reach an audience except influencers without cookies.

    Here is a statement from some advertising association in response to the announcement:

  2. For Gen Z, TikTok searches outnumber Google. Wild to think about

  3. The TikTok algorithm uses the activity from the first 10 minutes after launch to decide whether to pump it. If it doesn't get attention in this phase its DOA.

The conclusion I am drawing from these facts is that marketing via influencers is going to grow after cookies are restricted. I won't speculate on the numbers, but I am convinced the money into influencer marketing has to go up.

Basic market reasearch

I went ahead and talked to a few influencers. What I discovered is there are groups of thousands of influencers who work together on Instagram/TikTok advertising campaings.

Here is an example:

They charge around $1k per 100k views

Currently what happens is one influencer makes a tiktok for some product, and other influencers in the group will comment/like/share within 10 minutes to boost it in the algorithm. They use screenshots and the honor system to make sure everyone is contributing. The payment is then split b/w the Tiktok creator and the influencers who boosted it.

Reach is one of many groups who do this.

Shilling zkTLS

I actually already have Instagram and TikTok reverse engineered. With what I am building you could streamline this whole process. Potentially you can even automate the boosting like/comment/share.

I can provide ZKPs that a user commented/liked/shared, to build a system that can scale much faster than a few college kids ingesting screenshots.

Product ideas bullets

Some ideas I think are valuable to get influencers quickly.

  1. Fast payouts - If influencers can be paid in USDC or something as the views start rolling in it will draw a lot of influencers in.

  2. Robust notifications influencers when they will need to boost a TikTok.

  3. Streak based rewards - As influencers boost TikToks within the 10 min critical window, they build up a streak which entitles them to more earnings. One slip up and they have to start the streak again. Some simple game dynamics to keep people paying attention.